Visit by Rev. Bill Mei (Papa Bill)

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Reverend Wiiliam Hohua Mei (Papa Bill) was born in Te Teko in 1937,  and was Deaconed in 1967 and Priested in 1968 where he became a dedicated servant of The Lord .  He shared his ministry from Opotiki to Hicks Bay and was based in Torere.  In 1989 he migrated to Australia and in 1992 after meeting with Rev. Te Wheoki Tahere, he joined the Te Wairua Tapu team. In 1999 Rev. Mei left the team to join another fellowship and ultimately set up his own fellowship based in Beacon Hill.  Here he met his wife Julie and continues to support our Maori community. From 2006 until today Rev. Mei has become a welcomed kaumatua Priest at Te Wairua Tapu.  Renowned for his Te Reo and especially translating our Maori Himene.

Archdeacon Karipa acknowledged the contribution Rev. Mei has made to our community, and his commitment to spreading the Gospel.

Quote by Rev. Mei  “Te Wairua Tapu is the only place that Maori have in Sydney that they can call their own, using our own Maori language”  October 15