Our Ministries

The Sydney Maori Anglican Fellowship and the Church of Te Wairua Tapu have provided pastoral oversight to Maori of all denominations and tribes, New Zealand Veterans and ex-pat New Zealanders.

Being based in a multi-cultural country, we are not primarily duty-bound to Maori alone.The doors are open to any and all who step over its threshold. The two major issues that face our community are it’s spiritual and cultural identities! For me its about looking towards the future to address these issues.  Focusing on our tamariki and mokopuna!  It has been a privilege to be a servant of Christ and always learning to be of service to others no matter what challenges we face.  My role is to bring others to Jesus Christ and for them to decide that he is their personal saviour and this might be one person at a time.  I thank God for the people that have been involved with the ongoing development of our church and that is each one of you, unique and special to God. So may you all be blessed and may our Maori mission be a place where our tamariki and mokopuna  will be proud to lead in the future.

Archdeacon Karipa

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