Bishop Ngarahu Katene Visits Te Wairua Tapu

The Church of Te Wairua Tapu congregation sincerely thanks Bishop Ngarahu for sharing Karakia and lunch with us today.

Bishop Ngarahu (Bishop of Te Manawa o Te Wheke) celebrated his 10th anniversary as Bishop in October 2016 and was the Minister at Te Wairua Tapu before Archdeacon Kaio Karipa took over in 2000.

It was great to see the Bishop again and we wish him, his wife Kamana and whanau a very blessed New Year and safe journey home.


Rookwood Cemetery Maori Section

Rookwood Necropolis is one of the oldest, largest and most multicultural cemeteries in Australia.

Located in the suburb of Rookwood, about 17 kms west of the Sydney Central business district.


January 1984: The Maori Lawn Section at Whelan Avenue, Rookwood Cemetery became official.

Sunday 27th October: will go down in history as one of the most important and memorable days in the history of the Maori in Sydney.  At 9.30 a.m. with a light shower falling, members of the Fellowship assembled at the Maori Cemetery at Rookwood, for the planting of two pohutukawa trees, gifted by the Hon. Koro Tainui Wetere, Minister of Maori Affairs, New Zealand, with a simple and moving Service of thanksgiving and dedication. Two pohutukawa trees were planted on 27th October 1985.

December 14 1986:.  Peter Larkins erected the carvings at the Maori Lawn Section at Rookwood Cemetery.

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