Palm Sunday

Lent 6-Palm Sunday 

Today is Palm Sunday. And, what a way to spend it. At home, in isolation and daylight saving has also ended, giving us an extra hour in solitude. Wow! 

At this time, however, I would rather be at Te Wairua Tapu with my brothers and sisters in Christ to witness and celebrate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. But it’s not to be. Instead, after three weeks, I’ve been in our whare with my whanau cluster getting used to each other and being cut off from others. Of course there are now signs of frustration, a few cracks in ones armour due to encroachment on personal space, rooms getting transformed without permission, dirty dishes left on the bench and the list grows. Definitely signs of psychological readjustments taking place. But still plenty of respect for each other. 

However, being in this space that we now find ourselves, gives us plenty of time to really think about what is truly important to you and I. He aha te mea nui?

I wonder what was on the mind of Jesus as he entered Jerusalem? What was driving him to stay on this path? Was it the mana that was being bestowed upon him by the people? I think not. What was he thinking? He could have walked away at anytime but he didn’t. You see, when we don’t take time to think and process what lays ahead of us we are disadvantaged. in fact, without us knowing, we are in the dark. Jesus wasn’t. He knew exactly where he was heading and why he was going there. His relationship with God was definitely deepening at this time and Jesus knew it was God guiding him to what was awaiting in Jerusalem. 

E te iwi, although our families, friends, extended whanau and all people are the most important in this world. He aha te mea nui? 

For me, God is the greatest of all and Jesus shows us this. By continuing to be obedient, Jesus is about to embark on an act of pure un-selfless and unconditional love for all humanity and creation. When do we really stop to think about others? How have and how do we treat people? Now is a good time to ask yourselves these questions as Holy Week begins tomorrow. Where everything turns nasty. But do not lose sight of Jesus as you will discover, God’s ways are definitely not our ways.

God of kings and criminals: your ways are not our ways. On the way to Jerusalem, with shouts we acclaimed you; on the way to Calvary, with shouts we condemned you. Mercifully grant us the way that leads to life, For you are alive and reign with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.