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Monthly Calendar

1st Sunday.               TWT Wahine

2nd Sunday.              TWT @ Moorebank

3rd Sunday.               Poihakena Kaikaranga

4rd Sunday.                Himene

5th Sunday.                 Wananga


August 2023

How your contribution as a volunteer support our ongoing Mission.

Join one of our teams.

Team Replenish     

Team Faith 

Team Lifeline

Team Prepare

Team Creation

Team Hope

Team Pathway

Team Collective

Team Share

Team Lifeforce

Team Renew

Team Legacy






15 November 2020

Now under Covid conditions we can have a hot drink in disposable cups and a seperate plate per person. Thank you to our team for adjusting to these requirements and for further information please call Miriam


25th October 2020

Due to Covid-19 we will not have be having a shared meal after Karakia


Pre Covid:  Thank you everyone for bringing a shared plate of food for our shared cup of tea after Karakia.

We are privileged to have amazing women in our manaaki team


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