Good Friday – Shadow Service

Welcome to our Annual Shadow Service held at 10.30am on Good Friday. This Service of Shadows is presented by members of our congregation portraying Jesus suffering as he journeys to the Cross. The Church lights are extinguished, the Church is presented in Black as are the presenters. Here we experience the sacrifice and suffering and ultimately the Death of Jesus. […]

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Memorial Service

Our community gathered, united as we remembered with love, those we see no longer. We shared stories, brought photos and laughed. The significance of loss can’t be measured as everyone is different in their grief. As a community we are thankful for those that have contributed to our lives.

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Bishop Michael Stead Visits

What a blessed day! The new Regional Bishop Michael Stead received a very warm welcome by everyone in attendance then delivered an revelational sermon on the Holy Trinity. Bishop Stead also confirmed Lahania Bilich, Crystal and Diamond McLean. This marks a special occasion as these three young ladies were baptized by Archdeacon Karipa at the Church of Te Wairua Tapu […]

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