Te Wairua Tapu


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Our Church offers a place where the love of Christ is shared in a cultural context unique to Maori but not exclusive. Our role is to help people to strengthen their relationship with God and to find salvation through Jesus Christ. We also believe in providing an environment where people can connect with each other through whanaungatanga (fellowship), which ultimately builds community.

Our Church

Te Wairua Tapu is located in the CBD of Sydney. Everyone and anyone that has connection in the Maori world knows where we are, if you don’t, then you need to find us!!! it’s an icon of the Maori community of Sydney!  People from different cultures and age groups attend the different worship services we provide and we offer programs that enable men, women and tamariki (children) to grow in their faith in God and help them to retain their cultural identity. We also provide a safe place where people are nurtured, cared for and respected.





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